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Movie Review of The Crucible Arthur Miller’s classic drama, The Crucible shows hysteria in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. It is great drama with prominent writers: Arthur Kennedy(John Proctor) and Medeleine Sherwood(Abigail Williams).When you watch The Crucible, you need to make sure to watch their acting. In town of Salem, Massachusetts, group of girls go to forest. They are praying to get boyfriend who they want and dancing. While they are doing that, Reverend Parris sees them and his daughter, Betty, pass out. In Parris home, Abigail who is leader of group said that they were just dancing. However Parris and Reverend Hale ares till suspecting them. And John Proctor who is farmer came in and talk with Abigail alone. Abigail has worked in Proctor’s house before. However she got fired by Elizabeth who is…show more content…
Suddenly officers come and arrest Elizabeth. Thus, John says to Marry that she has to expose Abigail that she is lying. Marry and Proctor goes to court and tells that Abigail and other girls are fraud. As soon as Marry said that , Abigail and other girls pretend to bewitched by Marry. Thus, John said that he slept with her and abigial is jealous to Elizabeth , so she is lying. Judges call Elizabeth to make sure about what John said. However she deny that he did, so judges denounce proctor as liar. Abigail and other girls start to pretend again. Marry is so freak out, so she is false to accuse John is witch. How the John’s fate going to be…? The set of design is real good. The village seems from 1600s and also the way that people wear cloths. All girls wear dress and head scarf. Those make movie as 1600s. Also they put slave who is Tituba on the movie so that it happened in 1600s. And also i love foggy weather in movie. The weather foggy makes that they are doing something with devil. If the weather was clean Parris might not suspect

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