The Pros And Cons Of The Civil Rights Movement

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During the civil war and slavery and any other type of race like natives or hispanics or chinese even on the religion you where this pushing towards the civil rights movement. When lots of people were protesting and doing marches and speeches , they would also write letters to promote the idea that anybody can have equal rights , without being discriminated by other people. Some people promoted violence against the equal rights they even formed gangs like the kkk and the Jim Crow laws the ideal of equal rights and for the freedom for anyone to be who they were or express their religion. The Black Panther support the movement for equal right but they used violence to get their equal rights or what they wanted. Activists used, during the civil rights movement, multiple strategies that resulted in both success and failures. The kkk was a group or organized of people that discriminate or hate other types of groups of people like catholics and jews, blacks and immigrants, natives. The kkk would burn cross and create riots and bomb black schools, churches. Kkk members beat blacks and any other type of race that wasn’t white. Jim crow laws were anti-black laws.These types of laws enforced racial segregation in the south. The thoughts of the jim crow laws were that blacks or any type of race didn’t…show more content…
The strategies used to move the civil rights movement accomplished a lot to get what the activists wanted in their society and in their communities, also equal rights and to end the segregation . The case Brown v. Board of education gave everyone the freedom to attend any school they wanted without being hurt or harassed by others. Marches , speeches ,protests were the little things that promoted to the of segregation of public places also with other

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