Examples Of Courage In Finding Forrester

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Having courage gives people the opportunity to be themselves and open up to others as well as their surroundings. In the movie Finding Forrester, the characters Jamal Wallace and WIlliam Forrester unexpectedly became best friends. The two had a rough start as 16 year old Jamal accepted a dare to break into Forrester’s house and steal a single item, but in the moment of exploration, Forrester caught him and Jamal left his bag along with all of his very skilled writings. After looking through all the writings and editing every one of them, Forrester returns the bag and with a very un welcoming gesture begins mentoring Jamal. Soon later they would become the best of friends spending all the time they have together. Having courage like William…show more content…
Possessing courage solves conflicts more effectively. In the movie, Jamal made the decision to intentionally miss his free throws that could have won the state championship game for Mailor. Jamal was presented with the conflict of making his shots or getting charged with plagiarism and taken off the team as well as suspended from the school. Because of the courage that Jamal had, he was honest to himself as well as his team. Jamal missed both of his free throws, losing the game for his team. Although it hurt him as well as everyone else, he knew that he had made the right decision. According to CNN.com (2001), “On a dare Jamal breaks into Forrester’s apartment but leaves behind a book bag full of writings, only to find them later in Forrester’s hallway, with corrections and comments attached.” (p. 2) Jamal made the decision to accept a dare and break into Forrester’s apartment expecting to learn about him and bring back an item, but when Forrester catches him Jamal runs and leaves his bag behind. The next day he retrieved his bag and saw that Forrester had edited all his writings. This shows that because of Forrester’s courage to rummage through Jamal’s bag and edit his writings, he was able to put Jamal

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