Case Study: The Birth Vespa

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2.2.2 VESPA: The Birth Vespa The Vespa it is derived from "wasp" in Italian. It was the dream of Enrico Piaggio’s determination to create a very low cost effective product for the huge masses. As the war was closer, Enrico planned every possible answers to get the production in his plants to be going again he started from Biella, where the motor scooter was produced with compared on some of the small motorcycle made for particularly parachutists. The prototype, named as the MP 5, was given nick name like Paperino because of its different shape, but Enrico Piaggio did not like the shape, and he asked Corradino D’Ascanio to redesign it for good shape. The aeronautical designer himself didn't like the design of the motorcycles. He found it uncomfortable…show more content…
Finally, he designed front body that would protect the rider from the dust so that he will not get dirty. Years before the ergonomic studies in the market, the position of riding in the Vespa was designed especially for the rider to feel comfortably while sitting and even safely, it's not balanced dangerously like a high-wheel…show more content…
The 1st Vespa Patent was on 23 April 1946 Piaggio & C. S.p.A. applied to a patent with the office of Central Patents for inventions, brand names and models at the Ministry of Industry for "a motor cycle with a rational in looks, complex of parts and with body combined with the bonnet and mudguards covering all most all the visible mechanical parts". Shortly the Vespa was introduced to the public. However, Enrico Piaggio started 2000 units mass production of the first named Vespa with 98 cc. The new vespa made its first display at Golf Club of Rome’s elegant, in the presence of council members and U.S. General Stone and others generals who also represented the Allied military government. The Vespa PX (125cc, 150cc and 200cc) is the highest sales success in the whole history of the Vespa industry. It is the "original vintage vehicle" which was launched in the year 1977, and the report shows it has sold over 2million units, and as such is a most favour among those with a feel of good quality but also with the younger in the

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