The Pros And Cons Of Romantic Relationships

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"Romantic love is basically intimacy with the added bonus of sexual attraction and passionate commitment—the beautiful sexual icing on the delicious intimacy cake, if you will " (Psychology Today, 2018). The explicit quotation from Villanueva explains the chemistry in dating. The way she phrases it, the love in dating narrows down to intimacy, sexual attraction and commitment. This is what causes the human mind to stay interested in the partner and seek more in them. Dating despite the age group the dating phase falls into the common categories such as intimacy, relationship roles and sexual attraction. Teenage dating has a predominant role in intimacy versus relationship roles. “On average here in the U.S. teens begin dating around the age of thirteen, and by the age of sixteen more than 90 percent of teens have had at least one date. And finally, the average duration of romantic relationships in high school is about six months” (Psychology Today, 2018). This is not a serious relationship but more like a mere friendship. The beginning of dating consists of creating a stronger friendship…show more content…
According to Shaffer and Furman the majority of adolescences have intercourse their first time they are going “steady” with or “like a lot”. During teenage years adolescences are experimenting and learning what sexual attraction can do. As for middle age they are not experimenting as much and already know what sexually attracts them. “Getting naked with someone new isn't taken as lightly as it might have been when we were young and untainted. The good news is, anxiety about sex usually goes away after meeting someone you really trust” ” (Pilossoph 2016). The older adults get the easier it is to understand sexual desire. Unlike teens there is less chance of confusion. “Hook- ups” become an easier task than when a teenager attempts

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