The Pros And Cons Of Occupational Therapy

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Being happy and healthy are important decision in which we as humans should do in order to maintain a pleasing lifestyle. Often that may be a difficult task to do, since life is not always fair to everyone. Thomas Merton once said, “It is our job to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy” which is something wise everyone should consider. Even though we live in a corrupt world there are still people who would be willing to devote their time to help others in any sort of possible way. People like occupational therapist are a great example of people who help others, they are studious people with a master’s degree, who are always willing to assist others, and are positive and good with handling people’s problems. Occupational therapy, or OT, is a job in which may be difficult to handle, fortunately they do get paid fair enough for the job. In the state of California depending in which location and place they work at, their average annual salary makes about $89,620. People who start their career as an occupational therapist living in California and depending which location they work at usually…show more content…
One of the biggest problems as an occupational therapist is by having difficult clients. There may often be respectful clients, though not everyone may be respectful, considering OTs work with people as well with children. These clients has their own physical or mental problems which is why someone like an occupational therapist is there to assist them and still being able to manage themselves. Working with different sorts of clients may be the biggest stressor, which is why with a healthy mind and patience is there to help them. Though this job is actually one of the most known jobs to be the least stressful, since it is mostly helping clients, occupational therapist often learn how to cope with

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