Persuasive Essay On Screen Free Week

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Missed the game you were supposed to go with your friends because you stayed inside playing video games all day? Or how about that homework you spent hours working on because you were too busy using your phone? These two situations have something in common and it is the use of technology. Screen Free Week is an event in which schools participate in shutting down their technology for a week. Screen Free Week is beneficial for adolescents because it will dramatically decrease distractions and will increase knowledge in young individuals. We must have Screen Free Week because the outcomes will help in the future of students’ lives. To start with, participating in Screen Free Week allows us to regain and access our knowledge. When we are using technology to find information and answers, we rely on others rather than our own critical thinking. According to the article, “Is Google Making us Stupid” it states, “The classical Greek philosopher Socrates complained that the new…show more content…
Technology makes us distracted while we are doing work or just going on with our lives. It snatches us from deep thought and can cause accidents to happen. An example from the article Scholastic Scope it states, “David Strayer, a neuroscientist from the University of Utah says that when faced with digital distractions, it can take people up to 50 percent longer to complete a task.” I choose this statement because I am guilty of it along with my fellow students. When I am doing homework that is supposed to take around thirty minutes to complete, it takes me around an hour because I am always using my phone to text or listen to music and when I get back to my work, I lose my train of thought and could not concentrate again. Therefore, participating in Screen Free Week will lead students to a less distracted

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