Internal And Goal-Related Conflicts In Markus Potter's Someone Else

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Someone Else, directed by Markus Potter, is a story of a couple: Susan, who is ready to start a family and Dave, who runs from the idea in a mid-life crisis. In an effort to deal with the situation, he creates a Fantasy Woman that looks like his wife to help him deal with his thoughts. As he continues to struggle with fidelity, his job, and whether he wants a family or not, he meets other women whose relationships he uses to try and answer his problem: can and will he find everything in one person? Dave—played by Charlie Flynn-McIver—and featuring Charlotte Cohn, as all the women in Dave’s life, find internal and goal-related conflicts and create diverse relationships with each new woman. Throughout the entire show, Dave’s internal question is whether or not he can find…show more content…
He searches in his relationships with other women to find the answer to this question. The first woman that appears in his life is his subconscious Fantasy Woman, a Ukrainian prostitute that has both a husband and a boyfriend. The Fantasy Woman explains the reason for the two lovers are that they provide different things in her life. Her boyfriend provides the romantic side of life, taking her on dates and bringing her flowers; meanwhile, her husband provides comfort and happiness in the simple pleasures in life, like watching Deal or No Deal. Susan, his wife, is the second woman that appears. She is comfortable and wants to begin a family. However, Dave does not want to. This goal-related conflict provides the main internal conflict of Dave. He is not sure if he wants to have children and be a family with his wife. The couple’s interactions range from lovingly cuddling to Dave wanting to see other people.

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