The Pros And Cons Of NATO

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NATO's founding was based on four objectives developed by the US: the enclose of USSR, hold in Western European countries under the capitalist world economic system, to keep the United States in Europe and to prevent the occurrence of new socialist revolution both outside the Europe and within the Europe. NATO's founding has been welcomed by both the Democratic Party and CHP in Turkey. This so called "national satisfaction" in the last days of the CHP power, turned into a membership application on 11 May 1950's. However applicants rejected these "national satisfaction" almost "national disappointment" turned into. 11 days later, CHP was replaced Democratic Party with on May 22. The Democratic Party has continued its membership of NATO policy…show more content…
On the other hand the England wanted to establish an organization called Middle East Command under his control would include Turkey, Greece, Italy and the Egypt. Third; Norway and Denmark, stressing that NATO is not just a defense alliance, but also formed by the states similar in terms of political, cultural and social aspects. Also, they were opposed to Turkey and Greece's membership which does not share common values of the Western Europe and Euro-Atlantic area. Despite these reasons, NATO Ministers held on 16 to 20 September 1951 the Council decided that Greece and Turkey at the meeting to be called to the Alliance. And finally officially on February 18, 1952 the two neighboring countries joined NATO. So that "national frustration" of NATO's on Turkey had come to an end. Being a member of NATO increased the assistance to Turkey’s technology, military and economy. Although this helps improve the military capabilities of Turkey dependence to the West increases. Also being a member to NATO has a negative effect on relations of Turkey with her neighbors. In accordance with the recommendations of American politicians / experts and the bilateral agreements signed with the United States, The legal regulations in the economic field, just as the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan and as in the participation of Turkey into NATO ,…show more content…
Report prepared for Turkey's by the organization, was presented to the Turkish authorities as stabilization package. In the stability package measures taken such as, by reducing the value of the Turkish lira they switch the multiple currency system, premium application based on the type of exported good, the money supply to be under the strict control, limiting the expenditure to balance the budget, and giving priority to the short and productive investment

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