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Handmade soap - Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions Dear ALABU: Thought I would add my note to those you have already received. Like many of your customers, I have sensitive, dry skin, especially in the winter. I have used other goat milk soaps, but yours is consistently the best. I enjoy the color and shape of the soap -- it is pleasant and easy to hold in the hand. I especially like the fact that the scented soaps have many natural ingredients and do not dry the skin. I gave some of your soaps to a friend for her birthday, and she also loves them and has passed along a bar to her…show more content…
After regularly using handcrafted soap you may find that you no longer need to apply lotions and creams after bathing. So why not treat yourself to a bar of handcrafted soap…. You skin will thank you for it.TopWhy don't you make a shampoo--- Thank you to all the customers that have written us to tell us how much you like our soaps and wish we would also make a shampoo. Even though we would like to make a natural goat milk shampoo, we have no future plans to make a liquid shampoo. The results I have seen so far on natural shampoos have been less than successful. Many are too runny, have poor lather, separate and need to be refrigerated. A goat milk shampoo would definitely need preservatives that I would rather not use. TopHow Goat Milk Soap is made--- See our soap process page.TopHow much goat milk is in a bar of soap --- We use farm fresh goats milk; no powder, no water. That means over 1/3 of our handmade soap recipe is pure goat's milk and there is over 1oz of goats milk in each handmade bath bar. TopWhy does Alabu make soap --- We have been asked that many times

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