Liz Claiborne's Impact On The Fashion Industry

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The Land of Opportunity “Everywhere, immigrants have enriched and strengthened the fabric of American life.” -John F. Kennedy. Immigrants positively impacted the fields of fashion design, business, and the film industry as we know them today. Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American poet, once said, “America is another word for opportunity.” Immigrants showed us that this is true. They all came to the United States in hopes to find opportunity to pursue what they loved, and many of them found it. They used this opportunity given to them to change the country for good. Immigrants such as Liz Claiborne greatly impacted the American fashion industry. In 1929, Claiborne was born in Brussels, Belgium, but in 1939, she moved to New Orleans. Her interest…show more content…
became very successful, very fast, and Strauss’ hard work paid off. Strauss & Co., the first company to produce blue jeans,(Ducksters Education) originally sold most of its clothing to miners, but due to the high number of families who moved to San Francisco, eventually, women and children clothing was made. The first pants made and sold from Strauss & Co. were made from canvas, but soon the material was changed to denim. The companies manufacturing plant had several hundred workers within only a few years of opening. A Strauss & Co. customer, Davis Stern, suggested a few changes to make to the jeans. Levi Strauss applied these improvements developing the complete design of denim jeans, the same design that is produced, sold, and worn today. Strauss’ hard work was awarded by being invited to sit on multiple board of directors from several area firms, such as the San Francisco Board of Trade which he accepted and served on for many years.…show more content…
Hitchcock worked hard not only for himself, but for audiences across the country. He cared deeply about his audience and felt that his biggest job was to give them a story. Hitchcock, born in London, based his films off of his own fears hoping that this way, he would overcome them. His first movie was shot in the U.K., but later, he moved to America seeking better opportunities in Hollywood. Alfred Hitchcock made more than a movie a year on average for 51 years in a row, a total of 54 feature films in only 51 years. Hitchcock molded the film industry into what it is today. He only put his very best out for his crowd. It took hard work to create his films, but he felt it was worth it in the end. (“The Tireless Creativity of Alfred

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