The Pros And Cons Of Islam

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Islam is the religion of militant individuals who are committed to truth and justice. It is the religion of those who desire freedom and independence. It is the school of those who struggle against imperialism. But the servants of imperialism have presented Islam in a totally different light. They have created in men’s minds a false notion of Islam. The defective version of Islam, which they have presented in the religious teaching institution, is intended to deprive Islam of its vital, revolutionary aspect and to prevent Muslims from arousing themselves in order to gain their freedom, fulfill the ordinances of Islam, and create a government that will assure their happiness and allow them to live, lives worthy of human beings. The main argument in favor of Islam’s governance is that: - Prophet himself established…show more content…
In its clause 2 of 47 he used the word “Ummah” to include all populace irrespective of religion. That is secularism. That is against the concept of any theocratic State. But Political-Islam (read “Governance-Islam”) realizes the tremendous emotional force the word “Ummah” generates. So it actually overrides the Prophet by appropriating the word “Ummah” for only Muslims to consolidate its own strength and popularity. Both the concepts of Khelafat Movement and Pan-Islamism of Jamaluddin Afghani are based on this notion. Unable to realize Prophet’s spirit, Political Muslims takes ingularistic approach to the word. No wonder they show two different kinds of support to victims of oppression. The weaker is to all victims and the stronger is only to Muslim victims. Though it does not admit, it puts Muslim Brotherhood over human Brotherhood. But, as very well pointed out by Maulana Husain Ahmad Madani in his book “Muttahida Qaumiyyat Aur Islam” (Composite Nationalism and Islam), “The concept of Ummah is spiritual, not political”- (Asghar Ali

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