Short Story Norma By Sonia Sanchez

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Norma; the girl who disappointed all In the short story Norma by Sonia Sanchez, there was a girl named Sonia; one day in math class she needed help on a problem, and Norma helped her. Norma was the smartest girl in school, and Sonia looked up to her, but one day it all changed, Norma swore at the teacher and and stormed out of class after that it was not the same. After highschool Sonia ran into Norma and she had four children. That was the last she had seen her. Others may think differently about Norma, but Sonia feels let down, regret that she went along with others opinions, and satisfied because now she knows to make her own opinions now. Sonia feels let down because when she and Norma were in school together, Sonia looked up to her.

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