Dramatic Monologue: The Wars By Timothy Findley

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Chelsea Hong Ms Sims ENG 3UI 4 November 2014 Dramatic Monologue- The Wars I read The Wars by Timothy Findley. I am going to represent the character of Robert Ross. He is a sensitive, nineteen-year-old boy who becomes a Canadian officer in World War One. Robert is the protagonist who matures by experiencing and overcoming obstacles. Prior to this scene, Robert has lost his sister, Rowena who was born with hydrocephalus. He foolishly believes it is his responsibility to look after her and that an act of carelessness is what has caused her death. This is the start of Robert’s journey. One of the main themes is a deep love and respect for animals. Robert learns this through a promise he made to look after her pets. He wants to continue protecting…show more content…
Mom and dad look sad. Oh, I miss her smile, her voice and everything about her. It is my fault. Maybe she would still be with me if I paid attention. Oh my gosh! Why did I do that?! I can't even look at my parents they are so disappointed in me. I wonder how much I hurt their feelings. They have been silent … too silent … for too long. As people visit our family they will start asking questions and I know the answers will make me guiltier. They’ll ask if Stuart or I had heard anything? They’ll ask why we were not looking after her better. They’ll blame me. I know they’ll blame me. Some people have said that living for ten years with her condition is uncommon and that many people with hydrocephalus die young. Others will pretend it wasn’t my fault and compliment me on how sweet and bright Rowena was. Oh! No one would be this sad if I had spent more time with Rowena instead of staying in my room. I cannot stand my guilt I miss her so much. Is she able to hear me? # # # Rowena do you hear me? I miss you so much. How can I live without you? Remember when you and Meg were at the barn enjoying your rabbits? I think about all the valuable memories that we shared. And I still remember the promise we made. You told me to protect and take care of the…show more content…
What kind of a bad brother am I? Mom and Dad wanted all the animals gone because they were reminders of you. Our family is not well. Mom won't let anyone in her room not even Dad. I remember the day you were buried. It was horrible. The ground was too cold for you. It snowed. I wanted to believe that heaven was welcoming you. You deserve to be in heaven but you would not have to go there if I was more responsible. I looked over at mom, she was crying. She did not want to be touched by anyone. All she wanted was to be alone. I wonder how much she hates me, Dad too. His eyes were closed the whole time as if he could not stand looking at me. Everyone is having a hard time but soon it will get better. During the funeral I will go home and sit in your chair. I hope that helps me. Our family waited for me to appear in the dining room. This was when Mom and Dad announced that we could no longer keep the rabbits. They told me to kill them, but I couldn't because I promised you. How could I do that? How could I break my promise? I told them I could not do it. Then a man named Teddy Budge appeared at our house; he looked strong and he went to the barn. I tried stopping him Rowena. I told him no but he punched me and kicked

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