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The Eastern green mamba (Dendroaspis angusticeps), is a large arboreal and highly venomous snake found in the coastal regions of southern East Africa. Their range stretches from the Eastern Cape in South Africa through Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Eastern Zimbabwe and Southern Malawi. The species can be found in coastal lowland tropical rainforests, coastal bushlands, dunes, and montane forest at elevations up to 4,900 ft (1,500 m) above sea level. The eastern green mamba is mostly arboreal, meaning it lives in trees, only on rare occasions will it descend to the ground to forage, drink or bask in the sun. Because of its coloration, it's very well camouflaged in trees or bushes, for that reason it prefers relatively dense vegetation and is rarely found on open terrain. Like the other mambas the eastern green mamba belongs to the genus Dendroaspis of the family Elapidae, and were first…show more content…
In some rare occasions their bite resulted in tissue damage, usually on located on the fingers or because of the use of a tight tourniquet. Diet / Feeding The eastern green mamba preys primarily on other small mammals, adult birds and birds eggs, rodents,bats and it's also believed that they arboreal lizards as well. The young snakes usually feed mainly on other reptiles like chameleons and other small lizards. Observations show that the eastern green mamba is not your typical active foraging elapid snake, but instead is a "sit-and-wait" or ambush predator like most vipers. Reproduction Eastern green mambas are solitary snakes, except during mating season, that takes place during the rainy season between April and June. This is also when they become the most active, as males compete with each other in ritualistic combats in which one tries to force the other

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