The Pros And Cons Of Cosmological Theories

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I consider cosmological theories as the scientific equivalent of religious faith, except religious faith to me is more concrete. Many of the grand unification theories out there today are simply that, theories, not proven laws, they are in essence “scientific leaps of faith” that are organic and dynamic because they come from the minds of men, fallible minds, and hence can and do change the more we delve deeper and further into the wonder that is the universe. Up to the mid 1900’s we went from being alone in the universe, to the possibility of other life in the 1960’s (research the Drake equation) to now where the universe may be teeming with life as in the recent 2013 notion that some 8 billion stars out of the 300 or 400 billion or so stars in our galaxy, that are similar to our Sun in mass and age have earth like planets orbiting them – imagine the number of earth like planets if we include the 200 billion or so galaxies in the universe. Notice the evolution of scientific thought. All of our secular laws are based on Biblical or Canonical law. The Bible states that we should not steal. Society seems to agree with that notion, and we put people in jail for doing so. The Bible states…show more content…
Survival of the fittest has been linked to a rise in workplace bullying. In tough economic times, such as the economic downturn that occurred in 2008 and is still affecting us today in 2015, people begin to worry about their job security, their rank and position at work. So in the negative spirit of survival of the fittest, many coworkers begin to worry, they become selfish, frightened and angry and eventually many begin campaigns of hostile tactics towards other coworkers to the tune of many American workers reporting that they have been affected in some way, either witnessing or directly being bullied, by workplace bullying. This does not sound very civil or

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