The Pros And Cons Of Ancient Greece

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Is moving into Greece really worth it? I believe it is a much better idea to stay away from it than to become a citizen of it. Ancient Greece did have many great features, as does every civilization, but it also has it cons. There are many specific details in that civilization that made anyone decide not to move into or remain living there. Greece’s government was unfair, women were not respected at all in any aspect, and religion was greatly inflicted upon. Ancient Greece had a pretty effective government but it also had many aspects that made it unfair to many citizens. Not everyone in the civilization had the right to vote back then. Only few people were allowed to vote and the rest had no other choice but to go along with what the majority voted for. Another aspect of their government that was truly unfair was the fact that in tyrannys and oligarchies the government officials came into power for their own means. They would not necessarily want to become an officials for the betterment of their civilization but for their own personal needs.…show more content…
Women did not have to same right to an education as men did. If they desired to be taught, they could only learn from their father or brother but they had to interrupt their studies not so long after due to having to learn to take care of her home. Women were also treated as objects when it came to marriage. Women would get married from the ages of 14 - 18 and were given away to her husband’s family for a dowry. Even after being married, women were not completely respected in her husband’s family until she conceived a child. Women were always seen as property due to the fact she was first owned by her father then her husband. They were also denied the fact to sue people, own property, and/or be in

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