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There might not be any laws against dressing up a 4-year-old in Pretty Woman regalia, who is categorized as a prostitute, or like Dolly Parton with breast pads and butt pads, but it would seem to border on immoral. Yet there are 500,000 parents who have been doing just that while millions more were watching. Since 1920 beauty pageants have been a part of American culture. Although children were not involved until the 1960s, pageants were always iconic events. According to ABC News, “It's estimated that 250,000 children compete in more than 5,000 pageants in the United States each year” (Canning, Hoffman). As the interest in pageants has increased, fewer parents are concerned with the safety of their children. The contest holders actively try to maintain image of fun by showcasing the pageants as just dressing up as princesses and wearing crowns, but they often neglect the fact that most of the participants are not even five-years-old and that the contestants are being paraded on stage in big expensive dresses and with each step the move further away from their innocence. These young boys and girls are being stripped of…show more content…
In a Huffington post article “One episode of Toddlers and Tiaras features 8-year-old Daisey Mae as she preps for the beauty portion of the Wild Wild West themed pageant. She's up against her two best friends, and there's a new puppy on the line, but Daisey Mae is more worried about preaching the cold, hard facts of life at least, the life she's been brought up in. What does it take to win it all? "Facial beauty is the most important thing, in life and in pageants," Daisey Mae says, almost too matter-of-factly. And she also has some advice for parents looking to exploit expose their children to the pageant circuit: "If you think your kid is ugly or sumpin', you might not want to do pageants because you're not going to win or anything”

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