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The Griffith Observatory is one of the greatest astronomy attractions, and is located on the slope of mount Hollywood, just above Los Angeles. The Observatory was opened in 1935. Also, it is identified as Art Deco and symbolic of modern design. The Griffith Observatory serves today as the historic preservation for the 27,000 square feet building, including the exterior concrete, decorative metal doors, and window grilles, and copper domes; interior rotunda, gallery and murals spaces. The Observatory has became the center of many foreign and national visitors. The exterior of the building offers a mix of exhibits and features that draw the eye and fuel the imagination of every visitors. The best part of this is when the visitors arrive at the…show more content…
The Solar System Lawn Model, Sunset and Moonset Radial Lines, and a rooftop observation deck makes the observatory an unbelievable places to each visitors. The Griffith Observatory immerses to the visitors in the motion of the Sun, Moon, and stars across the sky and demonstrates how these motions are linked together -time and calendar. Its form is similar from ancient temples and medieval churches, but updated for the 21st century. Griffith Observatory was originally conceived by some of the finest scientific minds of the thirties and built with the finest material of the day. In 2002, the Griffith Observatory closed its doors after 67 years of heavy public use; for its renovation and expansion. The renovation and expansion of the observatory ere reflected in a wide range of details, The exterior reflects the Greek key pattern cast directly into the concrete, the elegant bronze and glass of the main entrance doors, the decorative metal window grilles, the copper- covered domes -Zeiss telescope(east) and Solar telescope(west), and the Astronomer Monument -concrete sculpture on the front lawn. The exterior design was intended to convey a sense of monumentality and

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