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How significant was the use of terror by Hitler and the Nazis? The Nazi party encompassed many different aspects. One of which was the use of terror. Helping control the populations and keeping them in order was a key aspect to Nazi's success. However some other factors were also involved such as the economic and foreign policies. Hence how significant was the use of terror by Hitler and the Nazis? In this essay I am going to explain the significance of the use of terror by the Hitler and Nazi's. I believe overall the use of terror was a significant part in Hitler's success and rise in power. In April 1920 after being asked by Anton Drexler to join the German's workers party Hitler came up and forwarded an idea to change the party's name to the National Socialist German Workers Party ( The NSDAP ). In 1920 the party…show more content…
In the program the National Socialist German Workers Party refused to comply with the terms of The Treaty of Versailles and called for the reunification for the German people. They held a huge rally on 24th of Febuary 1920. The rally consisted of more than 2000 people which was a massive increase in the number of people since the party started. Following this Hitler created the Storm Division (SA) which attacked political meetings and protected meetings. Hitler used his SA troops when he tried to abolish the Barvarian Government in Munich in 1923. This was one of his first moves using terror and intimidation. This resulted Hitler getting a 5 year sentence and going to jail. After he was released in 1923 December Hitler decided to rebuild his party in a new way with a new set of ideas. He succesfully used his trials to publicise his party and also converted Goebells ideas to his ideas to strengthen the party. He gradually rised and restored his position and on 1929 when the great depression hit and when the Weimar Republic was failing, Hitler used it as a

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