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Discuss the life and reign of king Richard 1 of England with a particular focus on his involvement with the third crusade. ‘Richard was a king of England, later known as the ‘Lion Heart’ and famous for his exploits in the third crusade, although during his 10-year reign he spent only six months in England’. King Richard the first of England was born on the 8th of September 1157 and died on the 6th of April 1199 after being struck by an arrow one night. He was the son of Henry the 2nd and was king from 6th July 1189 until his unexpected death where his brother john then replaced him and took over as king. He was known as the ‘Lion Heart’ for being such a great military leader and fine soldier nearly never off the battle field. He saw little…show more content…
He grew a love for poetry and music and even began writing his own. In 1173 Richard had his first experience at war, standing on the side of his mother against his father. This lasted a whole eighteen months when Richard then began fighting with his brothers before soon taking the throne to England. He stayed fighting against his father, Henry 2nd until 1189 when his father died leaving the throne completely to Richard where he became king at the age of thirty one. ‘Modern scholars still often consider Richard obsessed with combat, and disinterested with the protection of his inheritance. Richard apparently worked quickly to tear down all that his father, Henry II, had worked so hard to build up in the way of administration particularly in England’. Although Richard was a great military leader and warrior he was a terrible king, only spending six months of his 10 year reign as king in England he was a selfish ruler putting high taxes on his people in England to be able to finance his crusade putting great finance on his country of England by constantly staying away and waging and getting involved in foreign wars and…show more content…
These wars were known as the crusades. The first crusade began in 1095 after Pope Urban 11 begged and plead Christians from Western Europe to go to war against the Muslim parties and capture the holy lands, especially Jerusalem. The first crusade was a ‘success’ for many reasons mostly being the number of people(Christians) who actually responded to the Popes call for the crusade and who actually joined it and also because there was no kings as the kings tended to cause a division on national lines. The following crusades after this were not so successful. The second crusade was started by Pope Eugene III. This was the first Crusade to be led by European kings namely Conrad III of Germany and Louis III of France. This crusade was a massive failure and disaster mostly being because it wasn’t planned out properly but it proved to cause a lot of pain for many Christians involved. The third crusade (1189-1192) was the attempt to conquer back the holy land from Saladin. This

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