The Mycenaean And Minoans

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The Mycenaean and Minoans were two of the most powerful and culturally unique civilizations in Greece during the Bronze Age. The Minoans emerged circa 2000 BC, and lasted until circa 1400 BC, strongly influencing Mycenaean culture resulting in numerous similarities between civilizations. Despite blurred lines, Mycenaean civilization held several noticeable differences, particularly in the practices of architecture, art, and language. While both the Minoans and Mycenaean civilizations resided in present-day Greece, the Minoans based their civilization on the island of Crete, whereas the Mycenaeans were located on the mainland Greece. The Minoans were trade-based and possessed a fierce naval force, existed from about 2000 BC to 1400 BC when…show more content…
The Minoans emphasized more nature motifs, painting frescoes with bright, vibrant colors such as terra cotta red. Not only were the walls painted with beautiful scenes of nature but the floors were also often blanketed in color. Bull-vaulting was also a commonly depicted scene in Minoan art. The bull were typically painted brown and white while the men were painted red and women white. The influence of Minoan culture is very evident in Mycenaean frescoes and paintings. Procession fresco and bull-vaulting scenes are examples of Minoan art adopted by the Mycenaeans. Despite the correlations, Mycenaean art placed a greater emphasis on warlike scenes, using nature as a backdrop. Terra cotta figurines were present in both societies, however, Minoans featured “household goddesses” with “flaring skirts” and “raised hands”. Mycenaean figurines were larger in scale and categorized into one of three groups: Phi, women with no arms; Psi, women whose arms made a crescent shape; and Tau. The nature orientated art is further emphasized in Minoan pottery which featured numerous colors, floral motifs, and sea creatures. On the other hand, Mycenaean pottery was lacking in comparison to Minoan pottery. Mycenaean pottery was simple and “dull in its decoration”. It features a simple black-to-brown glaze and simple linear patterns; much more warrior style pottery. While the…show more content…
Minoan religion featured several female goddesses, suggesting it was a Mother goddess-centered religion. Animals and “the death and rebirth of vegetation… serve as the basis of Minoan religion”. One important difference between the two religious practices was that Mycenaean cult buildings were independent structures, unlike the Minoans. Burial was also an important practice of the Mycenaeans as is evident by the monumental tholos tombs, and precious objects which were buried with the dead – golden masks, diadems, jeweler, etc. It is clear both civilizations had burial practices, although Mycenaean culture placed a greater emphasis on the

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