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Traveling in Togo Togo is located in a lovely spot on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. This country offers visitors palm-lined beaches and hilltop villages. The Capital Lome Lome was once referred to as the Paris of West Africa. The Musee National offers visitors a good look into the country’s culture and history. You enter the museum through the back of the Congressional Palace in the Place de l’Independence. There are displays of costumes, artifacts, musical instruments, pottery, traditional medicine, wood cravings and other relics from Togo’s history. There is also a large collection of cowrie shells and thunderstones, huge egg-shaped rocks once used as legal tender. Tourists enjoy the Marche des Feticheurs located about four kilometers out of the city center. The market lets visitors see…show more content…
This small village is the place where the expeditionary Nachtigal signed an agreement with the chieftain of the land for German hegemony to extend to this part of West Africa. Visitors can get a look at this important document. Other things to get a look at are a lovely colonial cathedral and some little beaches to so some lakeshore strolling. Another beautiful town to visit on the banks of Lake Togo is Agbodrafo famous for its popular resort hotel The Hotel le Lac. The town is known for water sports like pedal boating and jet skiing. On the other side of the town is the Atlantic Ocean with stretches of golden sand and rolling waves. Fazao Malfakassa National Park is Togo’s largest national park right in the heart of the country. It is known for its thick forests and riparian woodlands. This is where you can find the uber-rare forest elephant. Here you can also see bay duikers, antelopes, kobs and bushbacks. Keran National Park stretches along the Kamongou River. There are swamplands and rocky escarpments. Visitors enjoy seeing the elephants. There are also bushbucks and

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