Minoans Vs Mycenaeans

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There is very little known about Minoans religion, most of their art includes many pictures of bulls. This infers they may have worshipped bulls, or thought of the bulls as gods. Minoans lived on the island of Crete; the name of this civilization is unknown archaeologists named them after a legendary king (Ellis, 114). The Minoans exceeded in art, trade, craftsmen and sailing. Mycenaean’s conquered both Crete and the mainland of the Minoan civilization. They exceed in both war and trade, like the Minoans they also traded by sea, they learned art and other useful skills from other civilizations like Egypt, Italy, and Mesopotamia. Mycenaean’s divided the land into city-states ruled by warrior-kings, they ruled any surrounding villages. The Mycenaean’s…show more content…
Trade aloud both civilizations to bring wealth to their civilizations. “Like the Minoans, The Mycenaean’s were sea traders” (Ellis, 114). Similarly both civilizations were traders, they traded with other civilizations learning their cultures and using them in their own civilizations. For example, both Mycenaean’s and Minoans learned the art or architecture and writing from Egypt and Mesopotamia, if it were not for trade they may have not learned any of these skills (Ellis, 114). “The walls of the palace at Knossos were covered with colorful frescoes, watercolor paintings done on wet plaster” (Ellis, 115). Frescoes were found on temples and most of their architecture, the art tells archaeologists about how they lived. Trade influenced the development of ancient Greece; it aloud both civilizations to exceed and learn useful things. On the contrary, the Mycenaean’s were a warrior civilization; they traveled learned about other civilizations and took up their traits. “The Mycenaean’s are best remembered for their part in the Trojan War, which took place around 1250 B.C” (Ellis, 116) In addition, the Mycenaeans made weapons and armor from bronze. They made these weapons in war to conquer other cultures. The Mycenaean’s civilization were conquers, they conquered and absorbed the cultures that they traded with and conquered, which shaped ancient Greece. As stated above the

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