To Kill A Mockingbird Dramatic Monologue

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I’m sit-in in the back seat behind Mr Tate, the sheriff of Maycomb. It was a beautiful day in Maycomb as the first rays of sunlight tiptoed through the meadows, children were chill-in and no cloud cluttered the sky. Our car came to a complete stop, Atticus opens the door and helps me out as I handcuffed on my feet and legs. I was met by a cool breeze, which softened the morning air. I overheard whispers in the crowd accusing me of raping Miss Mayella; I didn’t rape no one she turned on me, why can’t no one tell the truth around here. As my eyes were filled with pain I slowly dragged myself into the courtroom. I look up to find the room as empty as my broken heart; I glance over my shoulder and find my family sad and defenceless. A wave of anger took over me as I glared down my accuser Bob Ewell. I sat down next to Mr finch and ask one question that has been tormenting me ever since this ridiculous accusation was laid.…show more content…
As the courtroom filled, I didn’t bother to turn around, as I knew I was being glanced down upon. Judge Taylor formally addresses the court case and calls Heck Tate to the stand. Tate rose to his feet all fancy in his Sunday best. Being a man of the law I knew that he would tell the truth. Tate’s story was like music to my ears, as it was bloody amaz-in that someone had some heart around here. Mr Tate’s story seems to have plunged the crowd into darkness until Atticus broke the silence, “Did you call a doctor.” “No.” replies

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