Oklahoma Theatre Analysis

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The Broadway musical production of Oklahoma, produced in 1998, stars Hugh Jackman (Curly McLain), Josefina Gabrielle (Laurey Williams), Maureen Lipman (Aunt Eller), Jimmy Johnson (Will Parker) and Shuler Hensley (Jud fry). Oklahoma is a theatre production, which incorporated a mixture of both singing and dancing. Directed by Trevor Nunn, the production of Oklahoma is based on a collaboration of music, written by Richard Rodgers, book and lyrics, written by Oscar Hammerstein and choreography by Susan Stroman. The production of Oklahoma, is set in the early 1900’s, and tells the story of a cowboy, Curly McLain (Hugh Jackman), who unexpectedly falls in love with a farmer, Laurey Williams (Josefina Gabrielle). The pair has formed an unintentional love-hate relationship, and due to the current “farmer verses cowboy” situation, the pair are unable to get along. In an attempt to make Curly jealous, Laurey accepts an offer from Jud Fry (Shuler Hensley), the farm help, to be taken to the town social.…show more content…
Each costume was designed to tell as story which linked to the character wearing it. For example, Hugh Jackman (Curly), whose character is a cowboy, wears a white collared shirt, with a brown vest, black trousers and a cravat around his neck. Curly carries accessories such as a gun, which ties in with his character, and is an essential part of the story line. Josefina Gabrielle (Laurey) can be seen in quite a few different costumes throughout the production. In the first act, Laurey can be seen wearing a red and white chequered shirt, with dark blue overalls. Her costume is quite masculine looking, and its purpose is to represent how different she is from many of the other young girls living in Oklahoma. Ado Annie’s costume, however, is quite revealing and tight. Her costume reflects on her personality, telling the audience that she enjoys receiving male attention. When comparing Ado Annie and

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