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Who was King Canute? King Canute was the son of Svein Forkbeard and his grandfather was Harald Bluetooth. He was born in 990AD and died on November 12, 1035. In 1002, he married Emma, the sister of Duke Richard of Normandy. Childhood Canute was born to King Sweyn Forkbeard. He had an older brother, Harald, he was crowned the prince of Denmark. Canute was taught the arts of war by Viking Chieftain Thorkell the tall. Information on his childhood can be found in the 13th century book, Flateyjarbok. Adult life He started his adult life as a Viking warrior but later became the King of England, Denmark, Norway and a part of Sweden in 1016. He was crowned in January, 1017 at old St Paul’s Cathedral, he was age 22. Canute the politician Legend says, that King Canute was seated on his throne on the seashore,…show more content…
He attacked Kent, Wessex and Dorset. In 1016, the Vikings began attacking Warwickshire, and the primary sources say that the English army disbanded at this time because the King was not present. Canute and the Vikings also attacked Northumbria, this made Northumbria follow Canute’s rules. Canute headed south, where Edmund had planned a breakout from London. There were a pair of indecisive battles in Somerset and Wiltshire. Canute’s army also sailed for Essex, at which one point Canute and his army attacked Mercia. In October, 1016, the Danes were attacked as they were preparing for battle. During this time Edmund and Canute agreed to divide England between them. Edmund died shortly after leaving Canute as the King. Although Canute was a Viking he was also England’s most successful king. He protected them from Viking raids and helped to restore their country. In 1017, Canute married Emma. As Canute was King he ordered the assassination of a number of nobles with suspect loyalties. In 1018, Canute sent his army back to Denmark, he kept only 40 ships and their crews as his occupying

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