Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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A Raisin In The Sun” is a dramatic play written by Lorraine Hansberry, she writes about many family values one of them being the importance of love in a household. Hansberry shows how a family needs love to stay together. Hansberry uses characters in her play to furthermore show the importance of family values, two of these characters being Ruth and Beneatha Younger. Ruth is the wife of Walter and the mother of Travis, she is a domestic worker. Beneatha is the sister of Walter, and wants to be a doctor. They all live in an apartment in the South Side of Chicago with Mama (Lena), mama is also a domestic worker. Mama’s husband is dead and the insurance check is coming. This creates conflicts within the family because everyone wants to use…show more content…
Her love for Walter changes drastically throughout the play, for example when Ruth wants Walter not to invest in a liquor store and just eat his breakfast, Walter exclaims with “That it. There you are. Man say to his woman: I got me a dream. His woman say: Eat your eggs. Man say: I got to take hold of this here world, baby. And woman will say: eat your eggs and go to work. Man say: I got to change my life, I’m choking to death, baby! And his woman say-- Your eggs is getting cold.” (Hansberry 33-34) This is Hansberry showing that when Ruth stops showing affection towards Walter he gets irritated. Later on in the play Walter gets the some of the insurance money, he then proceeds to take Ruth out for a nice night. During this time in the book Ruth showed love towards Walter because he was able to provide for her. In some cases money influences how the Youngers love each other. Hansberry shows that money should not influence how a family loves one another. During Act 2 in the play Mama goes and buys a house with the insurance money, when Ruth hears the Mama say that the will be moving it brings her closer to her family. The new house brings Ruth to tears and she doesn’t have the will to beat her son Travis, who came home late. “Lord, I sure don't feel like whipping nobody today” (Hansberry 94). Mama only spent $3,500 on the house leaving $6,500 for Beneatha and Walter to split on their
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