Analysis Of Ain T Nobodies Business If I Do

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The song by Billie Holiday titled, “Ain’t Nobodies Business if I Do,” fits really well with the Etta Mae and the things that have happened in her life. The lyrics that are used in the chapter are “There ain’t nothing I ever do/ Or nothing I ever say/ That folks don’t criticize me/ But I’m going to do/ Just what I want to, anyway/ And don’t care just what people say/ If I should take a notion/ To jump into the ocean/ Ain’t nobody’s business if I do” (pg. 57). Reading through the chapter and learning more about Etta Mae’s personality, it is clear to see why Etta Mae likes Billie Holiday so much. Etta Mae is a very free spirited women who wants the best for her life no matter what anyone else says. As we learn more about Etta Mae, we learn about

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