The Soldier's Identity In Farenheit 451, By Joseph Heller

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In addition to tone, Heller also uses the literary element of symbolism to represent the fate of the men in the 256th squadron; that they can be easily replaced if they get sick or die. Nobody knows the identity of the soldier in white, some saying that it was a woman behind the plaster and bandages, other saying that the man was a negro. Although the men can't agree on who the soldier in white’s identity, they all agree that represents something that they fear. In the passage, he is described as his entire body being covered in gauze, plaster, and bandages. There is an opening for his mouth, which a thermometer sticks out of, and two jars, which a clear liquid drips into him through a tube and drips out into the other jar. When one is empty, the two jars are swapped.…show more content…
“I don’t know what I’ll do if he does begin moaning,” the dashing young fighter pilot had grieved forlornly. It means he’ll moan during the night, too, because he won’t be able to tell time.”(167) According to this quote, the men fear the soldier because he represents something that the government does not care about the identities and conditions of the men. If one dies in battle, another can take it’s place, and on and on this vicious cycle continues. The men realize that their country does not care about who dies fighting this war, they just want to win without realizing the brutality of war and what it does to young men and their

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