Comparing The Interlopers And The Story Of An Hour

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The Interlopers and the Story of an hour Both of the stories, The Interlopers and The Story of an hour display a touchy subject which is the idea of death to another character. Foreshadowing events from the beginning of the story could hint at what was going to happen but the truth is still unexpected for both the readers and the characters. This is true because both characters from both short stories are in for a surprise when the story ends. These two interesting tales show that even when they are different, some aspects prove to be the same. Let’s focus on the plot at the beginning of the story though, and see how these stories unfold. The Story of an Hour is set in the late 19th century in the Mallard residence, home of Brently and Louise Mallard. Louise isn’t happy with her marriage towards Brently because she feels bound to him. There is also something wrong with her heart, mentioned at the first of the story, making her weak. This makes it hard to hear that her husband is reported to be dead, because she is vulnerable to any bad news. In the Interlopers we know that Ulrich von Gradwitz and Georg…show more content…
Mrs. Mallard’s opinion of her husband changes because she realizes his death has set her free. In the Interlopers the outcome is similar, the two men realize that they are fighting over land that they have no use of and they become friends, finding freedom between them. But towards the end, they start being neighborly to each other and agree this feud has been foolish. Where before they each had “hate in his heart and murder uppermost in his mind.” The main comparison is how both stories told of freedom the characters felt even though the short stories are very diverse. Both of the stories’ characters change their minds about a person and how they affect them, but just when the characters thought they were in the clear, another unfortunate event

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