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The Leftovers, one of my all-time favorite shows, premiered last year and the long awaited second season this past Sunday on HBO after a longer than usual hiatus. Created by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta, and based on Perrotta's novel of the same name, The Leftovers tells the story of a global event, in which many people disappeared, called the "Sudden Departure". On the day of the "Sudden Departure" 140 million people, 2% of the world's population, inexplicably disappeared. The story then jumps ahead three years and focuses on the Garvey family and their acquaintances living in the fictional small town of Mapleton, New York. While we may never know what happened to the town of Mapleton and it's citizens after the final moments of the season…show more content…
However, unlike any other town, Jarden experienced zero 'departures'. Thinking this is some sort miracle, people of the world come in droves, likening this town to a gateway to Heaven or a chosen sanctuary for those who remained or as the title of the episode implies, an axis mundi or center of the world. As a fan of TV series LOST, I always likened the island to an 'axis mundi'. It, like the town of Jarden, act as sort of a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Well, I should say that after one episode the citizens of the world think Jarden is the bridge between Heaven and Earth, hence the title of the episode. This is one of the reason's that Jarden has been renamed "Miracle" by the locals as well as people all over the world, it is a magnet for people/tourists that think it can keep them safe. And one person who desperately wants to be kept safe is Nora. Fans of season one can understand why Nora would want to come to this little…show more content…
He is a Jarden fireman and seems like the type of man who takes charge and doesn't let things get to him. Unless, of course, Isaac tells him that something bad is going to happen. The literal meaning of the name Isaac is 'He laughs/will laugh'. Isaac definitely had the last laugh as his prophecy came true. What I loved about Isaac's prophecy to John was how much it got to John. John thinking the Apple Pie was poisoned was funny to watch fold back in on him. He tried to pawn it off onto the Garvey's, but then Evie has an epileptic seizure and drops the birthday cake. This forces Kevin to get the Pie and bring it back to John. In the end, however, Isaac was right and 'something bad' did happen to John - Where did Evie disappear

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