Summary: The Effects Of Homelessness On Homeless Children

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Every year, one in 45 children experience homelessness in America. The effects of homelessness on children are damaging. Three negative effects homelessness has on children include: poor physical health, a negative impact on education, and impacts on mental health. The importance of a child’s health is immeasurable. One negative effect of children without a permanent residence is the impact it has on the child’s health. Homeless children are sick four times as often as middle class children. They also have four times as many respiratory infections, twice as many ear infections, five times more gastrointestinal problems, and are four times more likely to have asthma,” (Jorley, 2007.) Also, homeless children are twice more likely to experience hunger than children who are non-homeless. (APA, 2015.) Children who are homeless will be exposed to environmental toxins, and this will make them more susceptible to getting sick. This is why children who are homeless are not as healthy to children who have a residence. It would also be harder for a sick homeless child to get the proper health care they need. Homelessness also has a huge impact on a child’s education.…show more content…
There can be many reasons why a child that is homeless lacks a quality education. Some schools require a permanent residence to enroll in their school, this would greatly impact the choices available to families of children who are homeless and might even disrupt a child from enrolling in school. Being homeless means not having a permanent place of residence, this means there is no certainty a child will be able to attend school every day. “Approximately 87% of school-age homeless children are enrolled in school, but only about 77% attend regularly,” (Doorways for Women and Families, 2012.) Being a child who is homeless hinders their chances of going to school every day, which in turn also decreases their chances of being successful in

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