The Lady Or The Tiger Short Story

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“And so I leave it with all of you: Which came out of the door - the lady, or the tiger?” As the door swung open a lady as fair and gentle as a rose petal slowly walked towards him and kissed him. There was no applause. The crowd did not understand why the trial had shown him to be innocent. Their puzzlement would slowly turn into anger, the princess wept silent tears as she had directed him to the door of life. She knew that she would never see him again, but could never forgive herself if he was devoured. The king, expressionless stood up and walked over to the edge of his balcony and proclaimed the man’s innocence. The crowd was now questioning the trial system. If that man was caught in the act how was he innocent? But the king had so much faith in his system that he now was going to try his daughter for the crime, however even after this announcement the population was still in unrest. Small protests began and soon spun into large riots, it was the start of a revolution.…show more content…
This was seen as a celebration. The night before the trial a feast was held for the marriage of the princess. Most people viewed her as royalty so how could she possibly be guilty? Everyone was cheerful and lively, but the king was silent at dinner, he had such faith in his system he knew that his daughter would die tomorrow at the hands of the tiger, but no tears were shed. The king and princess as well as the officials had no idea of the turmoil happening at that moment in their town. It was a war, businesses and shops were being burned to the ground people were being killed and the guards had to take action and buckled down. The king’s grasp on is citizens was whittling away and the start of a revolt was upon his

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