Nt1310 Unit 3 Computer Viruses

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Macro Viruses Macro viruses are found in documents or the malicious code is already in word processing programs. This type off virus is converted in an embedded document. Once this gets into the user’s system it can place by itself in future documents that the user creates with the application. The main risks are that it spreads very fast, any document that is in the system can become infected with a virus and cause missing words once opened. This type of virus can erase stored data that is already in the drive. Macro viruses can affect the whole computer just by using the code. They can disguise themselves and infect other computers who are on the same network as the users. This is simply caused by opening a document but not all macro devices are detected by anti-virus software. Multipartite Viruses Multipartite virus is a computer virus that can infect both system sectors and files at the same time.…show more content…
This will infect any file that is ran by the computer itself. They usually need to be executed before they can actually effect the system. There are only two types of non-resident viruses one is a fast infector and the other one is a slow infector. The fast infector does a harmful damage very quickly and the slow infectors can extend more damage while it can be undetected for longer time. However, this will be inside the computer memory which will be much harder to remove. It can even block the antivirus program from actually removing it. A virus that stays in the memory can be executed but the program will just terminate. A non- resident virus is a computer virus that is usually not stored anywhere including the hard drive and memory but it is placed in an executable file that infects the computer every time a user is accessing it which makes the system crash and vulnerable. It is similar to resident viruses but doesn’t store in the

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