The Killing Machines: Article Analysis

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Drones are defined as “a weapon that can find and strike a single target, often a single individual, via remote control” (pg. 1 par.5) in the article “The Killing Machines”. These weapons desensitize killings in the war because soldiers aren’t within feet of their target. We Americans have an unfair advantage because we are so technologically advanced compared to the countries we are at war with. Finally this weapon is inhumane to their targets because when the target is hit there is nothing left of it. Morally it is wrong to use drones because it desensitizes killing of the enemy, the United States has an unfair advantage, and it is inhumane to the targets. When drones are used to kill it desensitizes the killing because they don’t see anything. Morally this is wrong because there should be some kind of sadness or guiltiness when another human being is killed. In the article “The Killing Machines” it states, “But with drone killings, you do not see anything, not as a member of the public. You read reports perhaps of people who are killed by drones, but it happens 3,000 miles away and…show more content…
“The Killing Machines” explains. “…, designed to destroy an armored vehicle. When the blast of smoke cleared, there was only a smoking crater on the dirt road.” When hit by a drone all that was left wat a crater in the road, no remains, no nothing. Morally this is wrong because that is someone’s family member and now they don’t know what happened to their loved one and they can’t go looking for them because there is nothing remaining of the person. Also the cant mourn their loss because there is nothing to mourn. They can’t commemorate their life because there is no body to burry. With 9/11 many American families had this issue but over there this is an everyday thing which is morally wrong on many

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