The Importance Of Utilitarianism

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Utilitarianism is one of numerous perspectives of morals on "How should one live.” The Hedonistic way to deal with torment versus joy, with joy being the most ideal decision in any circumstance one would end up in. The contrast amongst this and a strict Hedonistic approach is an Utilitarian isn't for one self's pleasure, yet for the aggregate delight by all or many. Using a thought experiment from insert from whom this one is called the train and it will be a simple way for utilitarianism to be explained. You are sitting atop a ridge where you can see down on a train track that splits in a V shape with the sides of the track inches from the sides of sheer flat rock feet high a perfect cut through the stone when the track was laid. You look…show more content…
He has also experienced metaphysical pleasures, reading and learning about philosophy, attaining more knowledge, discussing “how one should live”. Therefore, he knows what pleasures can be selected and placed in a higher or lower category. A person that has worked in a factory and is the same age as he is not a competent enough judge to say otherwise. To truly be able to have a good life one should always seek higher level pleasures and if you were to seek only these pleasures you will have a fulfilling and meaningful life. From all that I believe utilitarianism is a good way to gauge if something is good or bad, but I don’t like it is a plausible way to live in completely. Utilitarianism is absolutely perfect and I think how most functional governments are run because their whole goal is supposed to be the protection of the country as a whole. The government thing is a little off the question, but it helps with my argument that’s why I used it. If you were to be a utilitarian in this sense you would look at anyone that is, a worker and inherently assume their life is not equal to yours or that you need to civilize them. Mill’s defends it very well, but also shows its short comings and that again it's not perfect. I believe that it is an exceptional

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