The Importance Of Theatre

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The way one sees themselves is often influenced by what environment they are in. This is held true when visiting an array of establishments in and around my community. A sense of discomfort and vulnerability set in when visiting a Winnipeg downtown movie theatre , and where I noticed myself othering individuals. Contrary to that, I felt comfort in my local coffee shop due to its generic atmosphere and regular customers. Lastly, a visit to a Victoria Secret Store allowed myself to question modern day sexuality and its cisnormativity. An establishment which created my feeling of discomfort was when I attended an urban movie theatre called Towne 8. I went to this establishment because it is close for all my friends to meet at, a sort of middle…show more content…
The theatre was run down, old and not maintained very well. Yet, the movie theatre had vintage, relic traits to it. Moving through this space, my friends and I acted passively and tried to keep to ourselves and avoid conversation and encounters with other patrons of the theatre. Our group's presence did not seem to affect other patrons. The time of day affected how I reacted in this space. The movie was scheduled at night and I was hyper alert for individuals which may have posed a threat to me or my friends. I was consciously othering all individuals that were in the theatre and on the surrounding streets of the neighbourhood. Leaving the movie theatre, I did feel a sense of privilege knowing that I am financially better off than most individuals attending this movie theatre and had the luxury of choosing a more desirable theatre if I wanted. I am guilty and relate to the "Am I a Man" video, where I associate an underprivileged neighbourhood with danger. " The opposite of poverty is not wealth, the opposite of poverty is justice". ( MOVIE). I assumed that because I was in a lower income neighbourhood I was at a greater risk for theft and unsolicited

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