Musical Theatre Reflection

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After read the Part II of Collaboration in Theatre about working together to create musical theatre, I felt that I was overwhelmed by the charm of collaboration. To me, I consider that it is such a significant process not only to musical theatre creation but also to other disciplines and industries, including Supply Chain Management (SCM) – the specialty that I am majoring in. There are several lessons I have learned (or I would rather say, enhanced) from the reading that I believe will benefit me a lot. The first one is that it is critical to have a firm premise before starting any project. In the reading, the author indicates that define a premise – a streamlined message that will provide guidance for all the decision making for a production – during the pre-collaboration period is an important first step for any show. It is also true when applying this concept to any SCM team project. To begin, we must have a main idea/argument about the project…show more content…
First, it is important to be fully prepared before any meeting. I know that it is relatively difficult to ask everyone who involve in the collaborative process to meet this expectation considering that different people may have different priority, but at least I should do so, no matter in later team projects or work tasks, for the purpose of being more efficient. Second, it is inevitable, sometimes, to sacrifice some excellent ideas for a better integration of the whole production. I was actually a very stubborn person. If I thought one idea was awesome, I would stick with it till the end, even though it might contribute nothing to create a better work. But after I read that the director and designers decided to sacrifice a great scene for the rest of the show, I realized my stubbornness was pointless. So in the future, I believe I will weigh the pros and cons first, and then make rational decisions

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