The Importance Of Lying In The Army

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Why Lying is Unacceptable and Incompatible in The Army Lying is unacceptable and incompatible in the army because it is extremely unprofessional. It also does not fit in with the army's core values (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage). One cannot live the army's values to the fullest if there are a list, it just does not much up. For someone to be considered a true soldier who is role model to the world for being the most professional, but for a soldier to be a liar really takes away from their professionalism. You cannot be considered a professional when you are a liar. It is disrespectful, childish, and it shows that the person is lacking the courage to man up and tell the true then to just hide…show more content…
For someone who lies and is considered a liar personal courage is something that they are lacking. It shows that they are afraid to face what is coming, and push forward no matter what is thrown at them. Lying is when someone takes the easy way out, they would rather try to cover something up than just present it for what it’s worth. This very unbecoming of a solder because to be a soldier means that you have the courage to throw yourself into any situation no matter what it is without a second thought. Honestly how are you going to be able to do that when you are stuck lying about any old thing. How is someone who lies because they lack personal courage going to be able to run out in the middle of a fire fight and rescue their injured battle buddy? So for a soldier who needs that personal courage to also a line themselves with lying just does not match up because a liar is not someone who has courage. A liar is someone who is a coward, someone who will not be able to run out into the middle of a battle field while rounds are flying overhead to save a fellow soldier. Personal courage is what defines individuals as soldiers, it is not that they are fearless or that they are trying to be a super hero. It is very simple soldiers, marines, sailors, airman, and all other members of armed forces watch the backs of those who are around them, that selflessness grab a down companion when they needed no matter what the situation. As a coward who lies on a daily basis you what be able to accomplish this task do to the fact that you lack that little bit of courage and confidence needed to throw themselves into any situation, so lying is not compatible with being a soldier because soldiers need to have that courage that liars are strongly

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