Argumentative Essay On Black Holes

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Black holes are one of the most mysterious things in our universe. They shape life anywhere they exist People are scared of them, and they should be. This big sucking machine has the power to vacuum in a star ten times bigger than itself and leave it without escape. What an extraordinary creature don´t you think? Some people say that the possibilities to be vacuumed by a black hole are limited, but what if someday, a black hole gets close to our solar system and gets it all? Black Holes are frightening beasts. They get everything in their path without giving it thing a second to escape. Everyday, a black hole gets closer to our solar system and we are more endangered. They spin around our galaxy without a stop, while we, stay stationary, just spinning around our sun, without an escape…show more content…
Since gravitational waves are very high close to a black hole, the probabilities that an astronaut will fall into it show that the astronaut´s legs will stretch like a rubber band making it look larger than the rest of his body. Imagine a big dinosaur is chasing you. He takes large steps and you take smaller ones. What will you do? You will need to run fast, very fast. The same happens with black holes. The more massive the object, the more velocity is needed to get away. “Gravity changes time” was one of the main topics on Einstein´s theories. The bigger an object is, the slower the time. If you, for example, throw a clock on space and into a black hole, it will slow down. According to Deep Space, “If a spacecraft enters the ergo sphere, and throws out a container of waste material, the black hole will rotate more slowly, allowing the spacecraft to escape. Black holes are mostly located at the center of a galaxy. There are theories that there is one in the center of ours. They are also found in binary systems, a system in which two stars rotate around the mass center of them. They are

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