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What is retraining teachers program? Retraining teacher program is where a teacher that has done with their training and studies and maybe been teaching for a year, then they are called back to attend the training once again . Recently when Malaysia had this concept, foreign teachers were brought to the country to train our local teacher English language, most public school teachers had been called to attend this program launched by our government. After having a personal research by an interview teachers that took part in the program felt like they were not good in English language which made the government send them for the course. This had made her as a English teacher feel lesser confident to teach once again. Therefore, retraining teachers brings more pros than cons as teachers will be able to gain new skills, receive rewarding once they have improved, avoid losing talented teachers. Firstly, by having the public school teachers retrained, teachers will be able to gain new skills. I personally believe that teachers who are dedicated towards their duty educating the youth…show more content…
When an institution retains a teacher, teachers become more reluctant to their jobs, they would demand more hiring salary. These are often hidden costs. The cost to post on job boards can be annual or a one-time expense. Agencies charge a percentage of a teacher’s annual wages. Larger school may have staffing departments whose sole responsibility is screening and interviewing talent teachers. Other institution may assign this task to department heads or other individuals in the school. The time an individual spends screening and reviewing resumes takes him away from his main job responsibilities. The hiring process is risky. Background checks, personality testing and aptitude testing can predict a candidate's capability, but there is still a

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