The Importance Of Change In Life

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“Seize the day and put the least possible trust in tomorrow”- A Roman poet once said. To seize the day, also Carpe Diem in Latin, I believe, means that: while neglecting the consequences the distant future might bring, you should take every opportunity you have in that day to change or experience something. It can be anything, whether big or small, tangible or abstract. Besides that, it doesn’t have to affect you only but even the people around you also. Every change is important and it’s only you who determines how important is the change made as well as its impact on yourself as well as your surroundings. Ranging from simply making someone smile to skydiving in Mexico, the ways we can apply this advice in our daily lives are countless. In the movie, the students are advised by Mr. Keating to make the most of the present time and to never let a chance slip out of their hands. Certain students, such as Neil Perry and Knox…show more content…
The golden rule in life is courage and that is why I think that the death of Neil was frustrating because even though his path in life was going to change drastically after his father scolded him, the change didn’t have to be dire. In fact, it was only his anxious thoughts that dominated his brain at the time of death. Nevertheless, a lot can be learned by analyzing and expecting what else would have happened if he retreated his decision. Firstly, he had to be a little more optimistic. How did he know that his acting career ended forever without it even starting? Secondly, in my opinion, he had to go to that military school. That adventure, which he might or might not like, had to be lived by him. Because even if he didn’t like it, the benefit that he could have gained would surely have been impossible to neglect. By doing so, he would also have worked by the advice of “Carpe Diem” and dared to face the obstacles and obviously won this tough
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