The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence, in simple terms, is that a machine can work like a human being. It is becoming an increasingly popular topic, a lot of scientists say that artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence because artificial intelligence can do things in some areas that human beings cannot do in some ways. At the same time, artificial intelligence can work more steadily and accurately, Erenturk as a scientist (2009, p.479) said that it doesn't feel tired even if it works all day, using it can greatly improve the production efficiency and save time and cost, such as a variety of automated production lines, intelligent robots, manipulator and so on, these AI devices can avoid human errors like that the subjective influence of human…show more content…
Such as it can work in high temperature and high pressure, low temperature, radioactive, toxic and other environments. Meanwhile, Pana as a scientist (2006, p.254) said that it can also detect things other than human body perception, for example, ultraviolet, ultrasonic, red line, low wave magnetic field and the electric field, etc. All of this examples make us think artificial intelligence is very powerful! these features are unique to artificial intelligence, and human beings can't compare with them, but the above statement does not see the root of the problem, I don't think artificial intelligence is more than human intelligence, for the following reasons, is that artificial intelligence is the tool of human beings, artificial intelligence has no emotional and moral consciousness, and artificial intelligence has no thinking ability. I will analyze them one by…show more content…
Some opponents may say that the international chess champions also cannot win artificial intelligence (Hsu, 2002). Does it mean that artificial intelligence is smarter than human beings? I don't think so, in the long run, it is not artificial intelligence to beat chess champions, but the programs by human written, only with the help of characteristics of artificial intelligence has a powerful memory and computing power, and I believe that there is a team to manufacture the artificial intelligence that can play chess, which is equivalent to a person against a team, which is not fair in itself. I can provide a real example for comparison, it is that all kinds of curriculum projects in the engineering institute of Shantou University are team tasks, and it is impossible to do a good project by relying on one person's ability, the reason is that people always have their own disadvantage, so high-technology and large-scale project like artificial intelligence is need more teamwork. In addition, the function of artificial intelligence is single, that is to say its function is limited

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