The Hunger Games: Comparison Of Book And Movie

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I really liked the Hunger Games book and movie because of the descriptive details of the main characters and settings. In the book more background information was interpreted than in the movie. Obviously, not everything in a book can fit in a movie, but why were certain items chosen over others? Maybe perhaps they were not as important as the other scenes. These two different mediums show that the book has a more relative audience. The Hunger Games book contains the original details and ideas. However, the Hunger Games movie contains slightly different illustration. The Hunger Games book has no revisions made to the novel because it is the original material. The comparison of the Hunger Games book and movie enhance our understanding because…show more content…
For instance, to explain this idea, The Hunger Games movie was transformed so the audience could understand many ideas that the author wrote, but could not be included into the movie. For example, the items and the obstacles in the capitals arena were created and controlled by the gamemakers. These obstacles are described in the film when the gamemakers create an illustration of mutants and then drag them to where they want to place them inside of the arena. Once they are released, the mutants come to life in the arena and attack the characters in the Hunger Games movie. These mutations look so realistic and have great details to their features. More importantly, the Hunger Games book and movie contain many similarities. Such as how great the details are in both of the two mediums. In both the book and movie, the whole idea is revolved around one topic. That topic is the Capital of the Hunger Games. The Capital is dictatorship, led by President Snow, and holds political and economic authority that enforces its rule through an army of peacekeepers. While some differences between The Hunger Games book and movie are more obvious, the similarities are

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