Analysis Of Anna And Matilde's Fall In Love

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Action: When Lane’s husband falls in love with his patient Anna, Matilde and Virginia try to help each of them deal with their new life situations while also trying to find their own selves in the process. Act 1 Scene 1: Matilde tells a joke in Portuguese to the audience. Scene 2: Lane tells the audience about how her maid doesn’t clean her house, and that she took her to the hospital to be medicated. Scene 3: Virginia tells the audience how she loves to clean her house, and that she believes that it is foolish to not clean your own house. Scene 4: Matilde tells the audience about how her parents always laughed, and how her mother died laughing at a joke and her father killed himself shortly afterwards. Scene 5: Lane tries to get…show more content…
Scene 5: Charles introduces Anna to everyone, and they explain how they are each other’s bashert. Anna offers Matilde a job, which causes Lane to try to rehire Matilde. Matilde decides to split her time between the two of them. Scene 6: Anna and Matilde eat apples on her balcony. They discuss Matilde’s jokes, while Lane sits in her living room. Scene 7: Matilde tells Lane about Charles and Anna, revealing that Anna’s cancer is back and that she refuses to take medicine or go to treatment for it. Charles and Anna dance together on the balcony. Scene 8: Charles and Anna play a guessing game, and he tries to convince her to go to the hospital. Matilde thinks of the perfect joke. Scene 9: Lane fusses at Virginia for cleaning her house. Matilde comes back and asks Lane if she would come be Anna’s in-house doctor, since Charles left to go find a tree in Alaska to “cure” her. Scene 10: Lane visits Anna to do some tests on her, while they discuss how Charles fell in love with her. Scene 11: Lane calls Virginia to ask her for help when Anna comes to live with her. Scene 12: Lane, Matilde, Virginia, and Anna eat ice cream together. Matilde agrees to

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