The Great Lakes Civilization

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LOCATION: The Great Lakes Civilization consists all of the area surrounding the Great Lakes. This location is subject to all of the seasons such as winter, summer, fall, and spring, but the most noticeable are summer and winter. I chose this location for my civilization because it has one of the most important resources for human beings, fresh water. Another benefit that my civilization has, other than fresh water is the way my civilization’s people can use the lakes to hunt for food by fishing. A disadvantage of my civilization is that the yearly temperatures are a bit colder than more southern civilizations which hurts my civilization’s ability to farm for food. As a result, my civilizations population is low compared to other civilizations…show more content…
The upper class has most of the wealth inside of the G.L.C. The rest is spread out to the lower and middle class. The people inside the upper class live in the capital cities of whatever territory they are in. Usually, there is a small army guarding these cities along with a large wall to separate the city from the others. Outside of the capital cities are the rest of the cities. These cities house most if not all of the middle class. The people inside of the middle class are usually the workers which provide food and building materials to the rest of the people. The middle class has fewer rights than the wealthy elite as such they are not allowed to run high levels of government. This leads to unfair laws and restrictions put onto the majority of the lower and middle class. The lower class does all of the clean up around each city. It is the job of the people inside the lower class to dispense of all of the waste in each city into outside borders or deep into the great lakes. The lower class is subject to abuse from the middle and upper class. It makes up a small but noticeable size of the population. However, it is still outnumbered by the middle class and upper class as a whole. As, a result, the lower class though discriminated against will be met with aggressive…show more content…
Deforestation could be a way that my civilization declines because of the demand for building materials such as wood. This loss of ecosystem could make my people leave to go find other places with more resources (Alessi 1). Another way of decline could be overfishing which would result in a loss of food source of my civilization. Without the fish, my population cannot feed itself which would result in my people starving and leaving the G.L.C. A more religious reason for decline would have people stop believing in the Father Spirits. This disbelief could make people leave my civilization to pursue a more open minded government that wasn’t connected to religion. Another reason for the decline, however, may be the way my civilization keeps itself clean. The lower class is forced to gather all of the waste from the cities and dump it far into the great lakes. This not only contaminates the main water source but makes the water undrinkable because it can contain disease such as diarrhea (Water 1). The last reason might be social class discontent. The middle and lower classes might rise up against the ruling class since they do the most work and feel used by the upper class. These are the most obvious ways my civilization could decline and

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