10 Reasons To Visit Jordan Essay

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10 reasons to visit Jordan The Hashemite Kingdome of Jordan has delighted visitors for centuries with its World Heritage sites, friendly towns and awe-inspiring desert landscapes. Jordan bears the traces of many classical civilizations some of which are Greece, Rome and Persia. Each of those civilizations have left relics scattered across the Jordanian landscape. Jordan can be described as an open-air museum with ancient ruins, mythical cities dotting the horizon, amazing Middle-Eastern cuisine and other great tourist attractions. Jordan is definitely a Gem in the Middle East waiting to be explored. So here are 10 reasons you should visit Jordan: 1) Petra: Petra also known as the “Rose city” is a vast, unique…show more content…
The dead sea is actually a lake, around 34 percent saline, almost ten times saltier than that of seawater which makes it impossible for you to drown. Instead you float, lie back, relax, and enjoy a soak. The dead sea is also the planets lowest point which makes it one of the must-see places during your visit. 3) Explore the Roman Ruins: The spectacular Roman architecture located in Jordan will give you a true Roman experience. At the city of Jerash, Roman cobblestones still bear the marks of ancient chariot wheels, and the impressive Hadrian's Arch, built to honor Roman Emperor Hadrian's visit to the city. In the town of Umm Qais, explore the rows of an amazingly intact Roman amphitheater. Also in Jordan is Abila, where you can peek inside tomb caves that once held the ancient dead, and their ceilings decorated with art. 4) Wadi Rum: Not only has Wadi Rum served as a set for many Hollywood movies such as Indiana Jones, The Martian, Lawrence of Arabia etc. But you can also explore its amazing landscape, surf dunes, gallop horses and spend a night at the Bedouins’ camp gazing at the bright stars while listening to the stories told by the Bedouins of their

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