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The aim of this essay is to discuss the Battle of Cannae and it's historical significance and it's consequences in Western Civilization. The Battle of Canne occurred at the start of the Second Punic Wars, on the 2nd of August in 216 BCE. This battle was an onslaught between the Roman Legions forces and Carthage which were commanded by Hannibal's "troops that, consisted of a mix of Gauls, Spaniards, Numidians and Carthaginians"1 while the Roman forces were lead by Lucius Aemilius Paulus and Gaius Terentius. This onslaught occurred in "Apulia (southeast Italy), were the major battles of Trebia and Lake Trasimene took place"2. Hannibal achieved victory by surrounding the Roman forces with his keen military tactics that fooled the Romans dearly,…show more content…
A man by the name of Publius Cornelius Scipio, who was one of the Romans who managed to escape the assault of Hannibal's troops, "this lead Scipio to remember Hannibal's tactics and his other successful engagements and would later on use his own tactics against him, which lead to Hannibal's defeat"5 in the Battle of Zama in 202…show more content…
This battle took place near El Kef in Western Tunisia. This battle was a skirmish between the Romans who are led by "Scipio Africanus and the Carthaginians who were commanded by Hannibal and their Numidian allies who were commanded by Syphax at Utica and Great Plains"6. This would precipitate Carthage to offer a peace treaty with Scipio.While the treaty was being debated Carthaginians forces would "proceed to capture a Roman supply fleet in the Gulf of Tunes, which angered Scipio and led to him terminating their negotiations and led him to proceed the Romans onwards to March forward towards Carthage city "7. As Carthage was being threatened this forced Hannibal to be recalled from Italy in 203 BC . The defeat of Carthage left the city in a weak state and forced "the city to accept Scipio’s peace terms whereby it ceded Spain to Rome, surrendering most of its warships, and began paying a 50-year indemnity to Rome as the Romans achieved victory this concluded the Second Punic Wars"8, and lead to Rome's vision of a Mediterranean Empire where the Third Punic Wars would commence and where the era of the Carthage Empire

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