The Great Gatsby: Comparing The Book And Movie

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Looking at the book and the movie, the most obvious juxtaposition to me was Myrtle’s death scene. While the book did a very good job of displaying how she died, the movie on the other hand was much more emotional than the clear-cut version in the book. Not only did I love this scene in the movie immensely but the emotion, creativity and acting behind this scene in the movie through me over the edge. While in the book it was lacking the many things the actors in the movie portrayed perfectly to my taste. The first obvious difference between the book and the movie was how the scene opened. In the book it opened with George and Michaelis in Wilson’s shop. They were talking about how George had his wife Myrtle locked upstairs until the day after tomorrow…show more content…
While in the movie it opens up with Nick narrating as Gatsby’s flamboyant yellow car sped over a bridge, passing cars left and right to avoid a collision before zooming to the ratty old T.J. Eckleburg billboard that looks over the Valley of Ashes much like how God sees everything (The Great Gatsby film, 2013). A much different opener when put next to each other. Another major difference would be how the actual death was dealt with. In the book, Fitzgerald was very vague compared to the movie. He wrote, “A moment later she rushed out into the dusk, waving her hands and shouting—before he could move from his door the business was over…” (Fitzgerald 137). While in the movie it was a rather slow rise to ultimate end of Myrtle’s life. It started off with her smacking her husband away and running down the stairs, her husband desperately chasing after her. She paused, out of breath until she saw the yellow blob speeding down the road where she then continues to run. The music playing softly in the background the words “love is blindness” followed the shouting of her name by her husband echoing in the background as she enters the road with her arms flailing and screaming desperately out for the man she presumes is
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